What is the easiest way to find what I need?


Use our top tab navigation to zero in on what you're looking for.

  • Select one of the tabs at the top of any page.
  • Then use the sub-tabs underneath to explore further.
  • Every tab and sub-tab has further areas of the site mapped out down the left-hand side, as well, so there's plenty to explore.



Try entering a keyword, phrase or item number into our Search, and click Go. Then sort your Search Results easily by Name, Price or Brand to organize everything you've found the way you want it.

Where do I find the details about the items?

Clicking on an image or title of an item will take you to the product page. This page lists all the details about the item so you can review them before you make your purchase:


  • Key item features and attributes (price, fabric, colors, sizes, etc.).
  • Larger or alternative views.
  • Special fit information.
  • Other items that you might also like.

How do I place an item in my Shopping Cart?

To purchase an item, you must first add it to your Shopping Cart.


1. Select your color and size.


View all the sizes and colors available in the item you are considering by using the drop-downs. Then make your selection.


2. Click the Add to Shopping Cart button.


After you have successfully added an item to your Shopping Cart, click Return to Shopping to continue shopping and add other items to your bag.


Wish List/Email to a Friend

The Add to Wish List/Email a Friend links allow you to:


  • Save the items that you're thinking about buying.
  • E-mail them to a friend for a second opinion, drop a hint, or send just for fun.


These items will remain on your Wish List page until the next time you visit our site, as long as they are still in stock.


Your Wish List is NOT the same thing as your Shopping Cart. When you decide to purchase an item, you will need to move it from your Wish List to your Shopping Bag in order to complete your order.

E-mail to a Friend


If you find an item you know a friend would like or you want to get a second opinion, you can share it by clicking the E-mail to a Friend link on any product page.

How do I complete my order?


After you have added an item to your Shopping Bag, you will immediately be able to view your items and start the checkout process.

Here are the steps you'll go through in the checkout process: (Our instructions will walk you through step by step once you get to your Shopping Cart.)


Click Go to Checkout. If you are a registered customer, provide your e-mail address and password and click Standard Checkout. If you not a registered customer, you may register at this page in order to save time when making future purchases and to receive special offers and updates. If you wish to not register as a customer, you may complete your transaction as a guest.


Address Setup: If you are not a registered customer, provide your Shipping Address and Billing Address information. Click Continue With Checkout.


Shipping & Billing Information: Choose where to ship your order and how you would like it to be shipped. Enter your payment information. You may use a credit card or Gift Card. Click Continue Checkout.


Payment Method: This allows you to enter your credit card information into Keeneland Shop’s secure server.


Order Summary: This is your final chance to review your order before you click Complete Your Order. If you have a promotion code, you must enter it on this page.


Order Confirmation: Your order has been successfully submitted. You will receive your Order Confirmation E-mail within a few hours.


What should I expect after I've completed my order?

After you click the Complete Your Order button, you will receive a Thank You page.

Order Confirmation

You will receive an e-mail Order Confirmation within hours of placing your order. Your order number will be included. We encourage you to save or print your e-mail Order Confirmation for your records.

Order Shipped & Order Updates

We will e-mail you as items in your order ship, and as we obtain updates on the status of your order.


For additional information or for answers to your specific ordering questions, e-mail us at giftshop@keeneland.com or call 1-800-456-3412 ext: 4735 for additional assistance.